Advancements in Sheet Metal Folding

sheet metal folder
People often ask why they should go with a new folder since they have and older machine now. In the end they still make the same parts, however, there have been several advancements and changes to folders through the years that make folding a more efficient and easier process.

If your sheet metal folder is more than 10 years old, you need to think about upgrading to take advantage of the latest technology. Cidan sheet metal folders feature state of the art design and controls. Let’s take a look at several changes that will increase your sheet metal production.

Are you still shimming the folding beam tool? On older machines whenever you bend at max capacity or if you bump bend a part it is possible for the part to bow. To overcome this the folding beam tool had to be loosened and shim stock was placed between it and the tool rail. This was more trial and error and had to be removed or changed with different parts.

Not any more.

Crowning has been added to eliminate shimming of the folding beam tool. Cidan machines now either come with manual or CNC crowning making this process considerably easier and less time consuming.

Windows Based Control
Are you dealing with little or no programming storage? Cidan Machines have a Windows based control allowing you to store programs to numerous locations, even a memory stick. And because it’s Windows based, Cidan’s new folders are easy to integrate to your existing network.

Are you still working with an LED display? Cidan’s sheet metal folders are equipped with a graphical controller that allows the operator to see the part before it is formed. This allows the operator to see the part will not interfere with the machine during the bending cycle.

These are just a few of the changes offered by new Cidan sheet metal folders. Call us at 1-800-589-1444 and let one of our Sales Engineers show you how a Cidan folder can improve your forming business.

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