Elumatec Aluminum Profile Machining Center SBZ 122

elumatec sbz 122 aluminum profile machining center

Eliminate Errors and Increase Your Production

With an Elumatec profile machining center you can process different sides of an aluminum profile without moving the workpiece, meaning faster processing times and less errors.

Benefits of Elumatec Machining Centers

  • Preform multiple operations including; drilling, routing, taping, cutting and notching on one machine
  • Fast. Process in minutes what used to take hours
  • Eliminates errors with CNC accuracy

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Elumatec Aluminum Profile Machining Center SBZ 122

The SBZ 122/20 is a machining center that can process 3 sides of a profile without moving the workpiece making this a perfect machine for manufacturing doors with single or multiple locks, or other industrial applications. The SBZ 122 comes equipped with an automatic tool changer with 5 tool holders for 4 tools and 1 rotating angle. In addition, a stationary turning device allows the adjustment of the rotating angle head for 0° and 180°. Therefore a profile can be processed from front and rear with 2 different tools.

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Features of the Elumatec SBZ 122


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