Are Your Laser Set-Ups Compromised?

tool and nozzle changer

Let’s face it, setting up a laser to cut different material thicknesses is time consuming and requires a certain skill set that not all laser operators possesses. It’s just easier and less time consuming to use the standard 7.5” lens and a 3mm nozzle to cut a wide range of material. And besides, it doesn’t really make a difference if you don’t set up for each material you are cutting on your laser, right?


Up to 90% of your materials are being cut with a compromised setup! This is costing you more time and money than you may think

Lets take a look at a couple examples for a compromised vs. optimized set up.

Compromised Set-up

Specs on the compromised nest are .188” Mild Steel, 5’ x 10’nest, with 7.5” Lens & 3mm Nozzle Cycle Time was 21 min 19 seconds.
compromised set up
Now, let’s see what happens when we run the same nest, but change the nozzle to the proper size for this material.

Optimized Set-up

Specs on the optimized nest are .188” Mild Steel, 5’ x 10’nest, with 7.5” Lens & 1.2mm nozzle. Cycle Time was 16 min 18 seconds.

optimized set up

As you can see, by changing the nozzle you reduce the cycle time by 5 minutes!

Another benefit to optimizing your laser set-up is the gas savings. Take a look;

Cost of Gas
Compromised Set-up — The 3mm nozzle uses 303 CFH and the nest costs $1.31.

Optimized Set-up — The 1.2mm nozzle uses 48 CFH and the nest costs $.16.
*Assuming gas costs $1.24 per 100 SCF

I know what you are thinking, “But what about the 20 minutes it takes me to set up for the different material, each time I have to do it, won’t I be wasting time?”

You don’t have too. Let the machine do it for you.

With Mazak’s Hyper technology, the machine performs various automated functions including; torch and nozzle changes, in less than a minute, guaranteeing your laser set-ups will always be optimized. Take a look at this video showing the automated nozzle and torch changer on the Hyper Turbo-X.
[flashvideo file=videos/nozzlechange-new.flv /]

Stop wasting time, money, and materials; Call us at 1-800-589-1444 and let us show you what Hyper technology from Mazak can do for your business.

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