Automated Clip Angle Production

ocean clipper machine
Stop wasting time and money producing clip angles with manual processes!
The Clipper is a fully automatic punching, drilling, and shearing clip angle production machine. You will immediately create accurate and efficient clip angles, as well as, eliminate your need for secondary processes when you automate your clip angle production with the Ocean Clipper.

Many fabricators are still producing clip angles the old expensive way…laying them out by hand or using a template, taking the angle to an ironworker, punching the holes and slots in each leg, and shearing the clips to length.

And while many fabricators wanted a CNC angle line to speed up the process and reduce the costs, they seldom could afford to by a large CNC angle line.

Ocean Machinery has created the world’s most compact fully automatic CNC angle line, using a unique approach. This has resulted in the most affordable machine on the market today.

Read more details and watch a short video on the Ocean Clipper.