Flow Dynamic Waterjet XD

flow dynamic waterjet xd cutting head

3-Dimensional Dynamic Waterjet XD Technology

Flow is pleased to introduce Dynamic Waterjet XD Technology. Flow Dynamic Waterjet XD is the first and only 3-dimensional waterjet cutting technology that uses SmartStream technology giving you higher accuracy, faster cutting, and no taper.

Flow’s Dynamic Waterjet XD the Ultimate in Accuracy, Speed, and Flexibility

With Flow’s Dynamic Waterjet XD you’ll experience advanced beveling and full 3-Dimensional capabilities. Dynamic XD provides for up to 60 degrees of motion giving you the ultimate in accuracy, speed, and flexibility.

Although its sleek design is definitely enticing, it’s more than just a cool looking feature for your waterjet. We have taken the core technology behind our Dynamic Waterjet XD with active tolerance control and enhanced it.

Now you can experience all of the benefits of Dynamic Waterjet XD technology, such as; the virtual elimination of taper, exacting precision, and faster cutting, and apply them to 3-Dimensional parts.

What’s more is that it’s extremely easy to use.

You can expand your dynamic waterjet cutting repertoire with Dynamic Waterjet XD.

Contact us at 1-800-589-1444 to get more information on Dynamic Waterjet cutting technology.

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