TigerStop Gauging System

Tigerstop gauging system on a saw

What is a TigerStop?

It’s a pusher and a stop. TigerStop is a replacement for your manual stop system on almost any machine that is currently equipped with a manual positioning stop or needs a stop system. Saws, drilling equipment, notchers, punch presses, shears, brakes, assembly equipment, you name it, TigerStop is a simple way to automate the positioning requirements for all of these and many more.
TigerStop’s 6 Basic Functions

  • Go- Enter any length on the keypad in inches, inches and fractions, decimal inches, even feet, or metric increments, and press START. TigerStop instantly moves to that position.
  • Go Set – Turn TigerStop’s number keys (1 to 99) into hot keys to access custom lengths that you cut frequently.
  • Increment – Hit the INCREMENT key and enter a value (+ or -) to move the stop relative to the current position. Continue incremental movement by hitting START. The stop will move by the value you entered.
  • Push Feed – TigerStop can be used as a push feeding system. It allows for saw kerf, and deliver finished lengths on the outboard side of your saw or machine tool.
  • Set Point – Use TigerStop as a set point stop system and enter up to 2000+ lengths into its powerful memory.
  • Calculate – With TigerStop’s built-in 10 key calculator, you can calculate a new length based on your last position or on a new value. After doing the calculation, TigerStop moves to the new position.

Can I automate my equipment with TigerStop?

TigerStop is far more sophisticated than the simple and approachable human interface would let on. Built into TigerStop is the ability to take over the function of your machine tool. TigerStop can control your machine tool, save programs, and do certain kinds of defect optimizations. TigerStop has many special programs that are designed to handle many common and not so common applications in the manufacturing processes.
What else can I do with a TigerStop?

TigerStop is the solution to many of the requirements of modern manufacturing. If you must build orders one at a time, do custom or flexible manufacturing, TigerStop can become an integral part of the solution. With its simple human interface it allows for simple changeovers from one process to the next. Custom shutters, custom cabinets, small and varied punch runs for sheet metal, boring patterns for railings, you name it, it can all be accomplished with TigerStop.

What equipment can I automate with TigerStop?

  • Saws
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Notchers
  • Punch Press
  • Shears
  • Brakes
  • Assembly Equipment

TigerStop is a simple way to automate the positioning requirements for all of these and many more.