Flying Optics CNC Laser - The Mazak Optiplex

The Mazak Optiplex is the most advanced CNC laser machine incorporating the latest in technology for higher productivity. The Optiplex is equipped with advanced functions for higher productivity such as; servo focused lens, automatic torch changer, and an automatic nozzle changer.

  • Intelligent Machine - Intelligent functions for reduced setup time
  • Higher Productivity - Considerable time reduction for cutting medium to thick sheets
  • Higher Accuracy - Exclusive constant-beam length system, Mazak's unique technology, ensures unirom high accuracy cutting anywhere on the machine table
  • Ease of Programming - This new CNC control automatically determines the cutting speed and acceleration for each cutting point

Optiplex Specifications

Standard Equipment

  • Intelligent torch changer
  • Intelligent nozzle changer
  • Assist gas changer
  • Pallet Changer

Standard Specifications

  • Positioning Accuracy of +/-.002"
  • Rapid Traverse Rate 4,724 IPM
  • Repeatability of +/- .0012"

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Drastically Reduce Setup Time, Human Errors

How long does it take you to set up your machine for each type of material you process? What if you could reduce that time by up to 88%? Watch a video on Mazak's CNC laser machine automation.

mazak optiplex cost savings chart

Environmentally Friendly

All Mazak machines are ISO 14001 certified, an international standard confirming the operation of our porduction facilities does not adversely affect air, water or land.

Ease of Programming

The Mazak Preview 2 CNC control automatically determines the cutting speed, acceleration, nozzle, feedrate, and more. Making programming easy, even for an inexperieced operator.

Watch a Video on the Mazak Optiplex