Large Tonnage, Small Footprint Safan 110 Ton Hybrid Press Brake

110 Tons on a Four Foot Bed


If you are limited on space or just want to free up your larger press brakes from running small parts, consider the Safan Darley 110 ton hybrid press brake.

It is compact, fast and perfect for bending small, complex thick sheet metal parts.

  • Big Power, Little Footprint - 110 tons on a 4 foot bed 

  • Accurate - Our "O" frame design outperforms conventional "C" frames 

  • Fast - It uses electricity instead of hydraulics resulting in faster cycle times

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We have ran the machine 16 hours day, 5 to 6 days a week for a year and a half now. To date we haven’t had any maintenance involvement with the machine past normal PM schedules.
E. Maggard, Donaldson Company

The Accuracy is in the Design

The Safan E-Brake is built on an “O” frame design that acts as a single unit keeping deformation to an absolute minimum. It is more stable, stronger and produces less deformation than conventional “C” frame press brakes.


It's Built on Safety

Unlike other press brakes Safan press
brakes are designed from the beginning with safety
in mind. All Safan electric press brakes feature
a light guard that is integrated into the controls.
No aftermarket or third party safety systems are

Standard Specifications of the 110 Ton Hybrid

  • E-Control EC10 control, Split screen
  • Y1/Y2 axis CNC controlled
  • X-axis CNC controlled
  • R-axis CNC controlled
  • Z1 and Z2-axis manual
  • NSCL-I MC PRO top tool adapter
  • NSCR-I MC PRO CNC controlled crowning
  • Set of 2 support arms (300 mm)
  • Programmable and integrated safety light screen
  • Workspace lighting at the front and rear of the machine
  • Set of 2 support arms (300 mm)