Laser Cutting Machines

Mazak Laser Cutting Machines

Modern Machinery offers the most advanced 2D and 3D laser cutting machines on the market today. Some of our Mazak lasers feature high-speed linear drives and the latest in automation which reduces the need for operator dependency and allows the laser to run unattended for periods of time keeping your business productive and profitable.

The new laser cutting machines feature the AO5 point setup, which optimizes cutting conditions based on the material type and thickness. The AO5 point setup includes a torch changer, focal point inspection/lens replacement, nozzle changer, nozzle inspection/replacement, and nozzle spatter removal. Most fabricators don’t change these items for each cut because it takes about 20 minutes, not with AO5. With AO5 this process is completed in about a minute and you get the perfect cutting conditions for every job. By performing these actions automatically, the AO5 point setup will improve your overall productivity, lower your consumables cost and the cost of labor by up to 20%.

Mazak also offers laser automation for your laser cutting machines including load/unload cells, flexible manufacturing systems, automated parts sorting, and factory automation.

Mazak Optiplex Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

2D Laser Cutting Machines

Our 2D laser cutting machines offer high speed cutting, accuracy, and automated setup features that reduce operator dependency. Our 2D lasers are built for performance, reliability and efficiency when cutting plate and sheet metal.

Mazak FabriGear

3D Laser Cutting Machines

Mazak offers advanced 3D laser cutting machines built to reduce processing time and cost for fabricators. Mazak’s 3D lasers can be used to process flat plate, tube, pipe, channel, structural materials, and more.

mazak load unload

Laser Automation

We offer several different options when it comes to laser automation. The load/unload is one of the easiest ways to automate your laser cutting process. If you are looking for something to reduce your labor cost and increase your laser processing time look no further than the Mazak FMS.