Extensible Manufacturing Cell

Mazak extensible manufacturing cell

A Flexible Automation Solution for 2D Laser Processing

Adding automation to your shop allows you to produce more without adding manpower, reduce non value added fabricating time and in the end makes you more efficient. You can typically increase your capacity by up to 50 percent compared to stand alone machines which can significantly reduce your lead times.

Adding an extensible manufacturing cell is not a one-size-fits-all situation. We work with the customer and analyze the customers needs to suggest the best automation solution to fit your needs. We can offer modular designs or cells that can be added to later as your business grows including the number of machines within the cell.

Typically Included Features of an Extensible Manufacturing Cell

  • Material storage
  • A material transfer system
  • System control
  • Material unload

System Examples

  • Flexible manufacturing system
  • Load/Unload