Mazak SGU-44 3D Laser Cutting Machine

Mazak SGU 44

For fabricators who cut 4′ x 4′ sheet metal and some tube and pipe, this is the laser for you. With the SGU-44 you can cut up to 7/8″ mild steel with a 4000kw laser. Mazak’s 3D laser cutting machines offer a flexibility not offered by many other lasers.

Benefits of the SGU-44

  • Cuts 2D and 3D Material
  • Designs and builds its own part nesting feature
  • Six axes control allows for cutting weld preps, angled features and much more

Mazak SGU-44 Specifications

Resonators: 1500W – 2500W – 4000W
Max. cutting thickness: 7/8″ mild steel
Bed sizes: 4′ x 4′
Z-axis stroke: 16.5″
Features: Multi-process! 2D sheet & Plate, 3D formed parts, plus tube, pipe and structural.

The SGU-44 Processes 2D & 3D Material

The Mazak SpaceGear U44 is a compact and affordable all-in-one laser center. Use its triple-mode, 6-axis capabilities to expand your shop’s horizons and raise yourself above the competition.

2-D mode is for flat sheet and plate cutting up to 49″ square and a full 7/8″ thickness using our most powerful laser resonator. Slice through steel, stainless, and aluminum more productively than ever.

3-D mode brings into play Mazak’s compact cutting head with 360º A-axis and 135º B-axis CNC rotary motions to quickly cut, pierce, and trim sculptured parts. Plus, the SpaceGear-U44 can design and build its own part-nesting fixture for the fastest turnaround yet, with the SPACECAM software.

Process tubes, pipes, and structural shapes by adding a CNC rotary axis and long material loader. SpaceGear-U44 does much more than a 2D laser with rotary axis because of the added A- and B-axes angular capability. You have to see it to believe it!

Choose the power to fit your customers’ requirements. Fabricators’ business that is .5″ and thinner can benefit from low running costs of a 1500W unit. A 2500W resonator is available for medium-heavy work – leading up to our powerhouse 4000W unit for maximum thickness and higher speeds on thinner metals.