Mazak SpaceGear 3D Laser Cutting Machine

Mazak SpaceGear

The Mazak SpaceGear is a versatile laser that can cut in both 2D and 3D mode. The SpaceGear can be equipped with a 4000kw resonator to cut up to 7/8″ mild steel. Mazak’s 3D laser cutting machines offer a flexibility not offered by many other lasers.

Benefits of the SpaceGear

  • Cuts holes, contours, angles and bevels with only one setup
  • Process tubes pipes and structural shapes by adding a rotary chuck
  • Six axes control allows for cutting weld preps, angled features and much more

SpaceGear-3D Laser Cutting

Mazak is a leading international manufacturer of 3D laser cutting machine tools. Mazak produces laser equipment with a well-recognized reputation for consistent quality and reliability. With the combined strengths of Mazak’s engineering and manufacturing proficiency and expertise in distribution and service, Mazak Optonics has become the leading supplier of CO2 laser cutting systems in North America.

The Mazak Space Gear is a 3D laser cutting machine that can cut round, square, rectangular, and triangular pipe as well as I and H beams, C channel, and angle iron. This 3D laser cuts holes, contours, angles and bevels with only one setup per part.

The Mazak SpaceGear Cuts Tube and Pipe

Tubes, pipes, and structural shapes can all be processed by adding a CNC rotary chuck and supports for long workpieces. In all, six axes of continuous CNC control allow you to cut weld preps, angled features, and much more in a single setup. No three-axis laser can match this flexibility and throughput.

SpaceGear Specifications

Resonators: 1500W – 2500W – 4000W
Max. cutting thickness: 7/8″ mild steel
Bed sizes: 4′ x 8′ – 5′ x 10′ & 6′ x 12′
Z-axis stroke: 16.5″
Features: Large capacity universal lasers for 2D and 3D laser cutting. Plus tube, pipe, and structural fabricating