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Reduce Inefficiency and Increase Profit
Let’s face it all lasers cut fast, but what about the downtime in between the cutting? Everyone measures value added time, because that’s easy to measure. But what about non-value added time; operator is sick, set-up, etc.? It may not be easy to measure, but reducing your downtime is essential to your company’s success.

Let’s look at some of the automated components of a Mazak “Hyper” laser.

Automated Components on Mazak Hyper Lasers

  • Pallet shuttle – Mazak’s pallet shuttle makes it possible for the operator to load and place a piece of material while the laser is cutting and when finished, the operator can remove the skeleton without interrupting the cutting process.
  • Torch/Nozzle Changer– How long does it take your operator to change the torch and nozzle and calibrate for different materials? 20-30 minutes? With Mazak “Hyper” technology it only takes one minute!
  • Automated Focus Detection – Sets the focus position the first time and detects focus shifts that may indicate a dirty lens over time.
  • Automated Secondary Tools – Add value in one handling, i.e. tapping.

    And more….

With Mazak automation not only do you get a fast laser, you also get a laser that will reduce downtime, wasted material and allows managers consistent output for better planning. When considering your next or first laser purchase, consider what a Mazak “Hyper” laser can do for your business.

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