Messer CNC Plasma Cutting Machine the EdgeMax H

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EdgeMax H CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
The EdgeMax H by Messer MG Systems is a CNC plasma cutting machine designed for the smaller shop. It’s a compact machine with a rugged unitized steel table/frame, full capture bearing assemblies, and a low mass aluminum beam. Driven by dual brushless AC motors, the EdgeMax provides fast acceleration, precise motion, and a very stable cutting platform. One plasma torch and tub table come standard. Optional accessories may be added to customize your EdgeMax.

The MG CNC Global ControlS with touch screen interface and the familiar Windows layout helps novice operators quickly master the machine. Through MG’s Virtual Service, the Service and Applications Departments provide quick, accurate, and complete answers to process and operational questions.

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Virtual Service

  • With the push of a button, our team of experts provide remote trouble-shooting, software upgrades and expert assistance when needed
  • Applications and operator training can be provided using Virtual Service

Drives and Motion

  • Dual “X” axes drives
  • Digital AC amplifiers with 600-watt brushless AC motors provide high-quality motion and control
    1200 IPM in all axes

  • Low backlash alpha planetary gearboxes in both the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ axes contribute to sharp corners
    and round holes

  • 2.5” diameter hardened pinions in the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ axes efficiently transmit torque to the 1″ wide gear rack

global control s

Edgemax HVAC H

Global Control S

  • Familiar Windows screen layout and embedded process database allow user to operate control with minimum instruction
  • Embedded process database makes every operator an expert
  • Network and Internet compatibility makes remote diagnosis possible
  • Ethernet-based I/O bus system eliminates noise interference and reduces cabling for high reliability


  • Unitized construction with levelers for quick installation
  • 1 1/4” thick steel capacity
  • Removable slat frames and rigid wave-lock slats provide a solid and stable cut surface
  • Four optional CNC control mounts located stationary on the left and right front or mounted on the machine on the left and right sides
  • Easy clean doors for lost part retrieval and slag removal
  • Optional ducted table with damper-controlled zones for dust and smoke removal
  • Optional Messer free-standing, cartridge-type dust collector

Plate Marking

  • The Air Scribe engraves a row of dots or a nearly solid line into the surface of the material. This is used to mark bend lines, weld locations, center lines for drilling holes and for part marking. Therefore manual operation is eliminated.
  • The Single Dot Ink Jet Marker provides fast, quiet line marking. These lines can be used as bend lines, weld locations, drill center points, etc. The unit is designed to work in the hot, dusty and humid environments encountered in fabricating applications.

Plasma Torches

  • PowerMax 1000, PowerMax 1250, PowerMax 1650
  • MG’s exclusive torch ignition cycle insures reliable ignition, maximum pierce clearance and precise cut height on small holes. This provides long consumable life and good small hole cutting.
  • Optional OL100s plasma lifter with true arc-voltage height control maintains consistent height over all surfaces. The magnetic collision sensor protects the torch while cutting and jogging preventing damage to the torch and lifter.

Oxyfuel Cutting
An optional MG TurboFlame cutting torch can cut up to 20% faster than other torches, regardless of the fuel gas used. The oxyfuel torch is accurately positioned through the shared use of the smooth, ballscrew driven, OL100S lifter, which is a required option when oxyfuel is selected as the second torch. The dual Hi-Low Oxyfuel Regulator is set-up manually and can be adjusted for different material thicknesses.