MG Slagger Table

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The Slagger® Pushes Slag from the Table in 5 Minutes
The Slagger cutting table is like no other in its ability to move the slag. Whether produced from oxyfuel or plasma cutting, it collects slag from the table bottom to a collection pan at the end of the table in under 5 minutes. The Slagger table can handle material up to 8″ thickness.

This is accomplished by a patented pusher type blade that is propelled forward with a positive rack and pinion drive. When the blade reaches the end of the table, the slag is pushed into a pan located in the floor for disposal later.

messer slagger table

The Slagger is also an excellent smoke removal table. Smoke is drawn from the table by a side duct that is divided into zones. The zones open only at the cutting machine location.

Special Features

  • Table is cleaned once a day in 5 minutes
  • Small parts can be retrieved easily
  • The dust collector keeps the operating environment clean
  • Table does not have to be disassembled to remove the slag

You can read more about the MG Slagger table in this PDF.

You can watch a video on the MG Slagger table on MG Systems website, the MG Slagger video is at the bottom of the page.