Motorum 2558 Hybrid Laser Punch Combination

muratec hybrid laser punch
Murata Machinery USA, Inc., one of the pioneers of the sheet metal fabrication industry, introduces the Motorum 2558 Hybrid, a laser punch system that combines high-speed processing, reliable and accurate punching and forming and the flexibility of laser cutting.

muratec hybrid laser punch

Hybrid Technology
The Motorum 2558 Hybrid’s advanced technology incorporates a high-performance CNC control and laser oscillator that increase overall productivity by integrating bending, forming, tapping and other processes with standard punching and laser-cutting operations. The system provides a high-quality edge cut with many advanced features such as a cutting monitor, user-friendly laser cutting head with crash protection function, non-contact height sensor and a laser power control function for complicated edge cutting. Optional functions include in-turret bending, retractable forming dies, 8-and 4-station tapping units, tapping slug suction unit, tapping tool life counter and all-around deburring and pinching operation.

HYBRID Series Benefits

  • Process integration of laser cutting and punching with forming and tapping (option) is possible in one machine.
  • Increased productivity
  • Better product quality due to multiple processing with a single workpiece clamping
  • Greater manufacturing flexibility
  • Shorter lead times and lower running cost
  • Reduced number of machines and in-process inventory

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