NASA Chooses DAVI Plate Rolls

Houston, we DON’T have a problem! (…also thanks to “DAVI”)
From the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, NASA successfully launched the new rocket, ARES I, that together with the new ORION crew vehicle will replace the Space Shuttle in NASA space exploration for the next two decades as part of the Constellation Program.

The cylindrical cans, ARES body, and the ORION cone sections have both been formed on 4 roll DAVI machines, at the NASA research center.

“We are very proud to have contributed to the manufacturing of the most advanced space vehicle ever engineered in the world” – said Orazio Davi, President of Promau -, the Italian company that recently received an official NASA Certificate of Appreciation.

NASA used four roll DAVI, 10′ x 1 ½” (3000 x 40 mm) machines, with Planetary Guides and “Roll by Wire” technology, shown on the NASA web site; chosen for sturdiness, high accuracy rolling result and its exclusive “CAD-CAM CNC”.

“NASA asked us to engineer a new generation laser sensor to control the radius of the rolled plate to ensure the highest accuracy in manufacture their rockets from the heritage of the glorious Space Shuttle which will again carry humans on the International Space Station and further ahead to Mars”, concluded Orazio Davi.

The Davi plate roll was selected by NASA as the most technologically advanced manufacturer world-wide. NASA chose DAVI over other American, German, Japanese and other Italian competitors.

Another extreme challenge won by Davi’s advanced technology and their “Made in Italy” state of the art machine tool manufacturing.