Accurpress Advantage Press Brake

accurpress advantage press brake

Accurpress Advantage Press Brake

The optional Accurpress Advantage package is an economical solution for off-center and stage bending applications.

The Accurpress Advantage press brake delivers +/- 0.0004″ repeat accuracies via a Proportional Valve Hydraulic System. A Dual Ram Feedback system, with encoders mounted at each end of the Accurpress, measures the bending cycle and compensates the ram accordingly when unequal forces are applied across the length.The Accurpress Advantage press brake package is available on all Accurpress press brake models up to 30HP unit size only.

Features of the Accurpress Advantage Press Brake

  • .0004″ Repeat Accuracy via a proportional valve hydraulic system.
  • Dual Ram Feedback A huge advantage for precision stage bending applications.
  • Ram Tilt Indicator Attractive front covers complete with a Dial Indicator measures the applied ram tilt adjustment.

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