Safan Electric Press Brakes 35-130 Ton

safan electric press brake 35 to 130 tons

Safan electric press brakes offer the most accurate and constant bending angle along the full working length of the machine, without crowning. The unique roller drive system ensures a uniform and even distribution of forces up to 300 tons.

Benefits of Electric Press Brakes

  • Up to 50% Energy Savings – Safan electric press brakes only use energy when the top beam is moving
  • Up to 30% shorter cycle times
  • Touch Screen Controls can be programmed quickly and accurately

Standard Features on Safan Premium Press Brakes

  • EC10 press brake control, single screen with splitscreen
  • CNC-controlled R- axis
  • CNC-controlled Y1-Y2 axis (top beam adjustable inclined +/- 0.1 inch)
  • CNC-controlled back gauge (X-axis) with a wide range
  • Manual variable adjustment of back gauge fingers width across a linear guide
  • NSCL I MC Pro top tool mechanical clamping and OB/S-3 lower tool mechanical clamping system
  • Build in size of 23.22 inch (Q-dimension)
  • 2 support arms (11.81 inch in length)*
  • 1 Hold to Run operating console
  • Programmable and integrated safety light guard

Safan Control Complete Touch Screen Convenience

The SAFAN E-Control is fully touch screen, whereby the only buttons visible on the 17” screen are those that are needed during operation. The controls simply run on a PC under Microsoft Windows®, the software was developed based on Framework. The unit is fitted with a 100 MB Ethernet UTP network connection as standard. The instructions are transmitted to a central processor from the SAFAN E-Control controls, which in turn regulates the various axis via a so-called CAN-BUS (Control Area Network). The system can be programmed quickly and accurately thanks to a ‘self-teaching’ database with data on materials, tools and previous, already corrected bending. The SAFAN E-Control can be coupled to the majority of off-line programming systems. The standard SAFAN E-Control 1 controls work with numerical input and bending parameters display, however the user receives immediate graphic support in many areas.

Web-based Communication and Support

The controls are set-up for web-based communication such as online diagnoses and loading software updates via the web. Machines can also be coupled to each other in a group and tooling databases can be shared. By monitoring and analyzing your operating data online, Safan will be in a position to optimize your production process from a distance in the near future.