Safan Electric Press Brakes 35-130 Ton

safan electric press brake 35 to 130 tons

E-Brake 35-130T

Safan electric press brakes offer the most accurate and constant bending angle along the full working length of the machine, without crowning. The unique roller drive system ensures a uniform and even distribution of forces up to 300 tons.

Benefits of Electric Press Brakes

  • Up to 50% Energy Savings – Safan electric press brakes only use energy when the top beam is moving
  • Up to 30% shorter cycle times
  • Touch Screen Controls can be programmed quickly and accurately


  • Pressure forces: 35 tons – 50 tons – 65 tons – 80 tons – 100 tons – 130 tons
  • Working lengths: 1250 mm – 1600 mm – 2050 mm – 2550 mm – 3100 mm – 4100 mm
  • Q sizes: – standard 590 mm – optional 650 mm – 690 mm
  • Servo-electronic drive with a single pulley system
  • Up to 50% energy savings
  • No need for crowning
  • Bending speeds of up to 20 mm/sec.,bending cycle times cut by up to 30%
  • SafanDarley E-Control 1 control comes standard; numerical display of bending parameters and 2D programming with Easy 2D
  • Optional SafanDarley E-Control 2, 2D bending simulation combined with off-line programming or E-Control 3 (2D or 3D graphic programming)
  • Optional integrated safety-light screen
  • Stable backgauge that operates across the full working width of the machine.
  • CNC-controlled X- and Y-axes come standard; optionally also Z1-Z2 axes and dX axis.
  • Large stroke length: 300 mm standard

Safan Control

Complete Touch Screen Convenience
The SAFAN E-Control is fully touch screen, whereby the only buttons visible on the 17” screen are those that are needed during operation. The controls simply run on a PC under Microsoft Windows®, the software was developed based on Framework. The unit is fitted with a 100 MB Ethernet UTP network connection as standard. The instructions are transmitted to a central processor from the SAFAN E-Control controls, which in turn regulates the various axis via a so-called CAN-BUS (Control Area Network). The system can be programmed quickly and accurately thanks to a ‘self-teaching’ database with data on materials, tools and previous, already corrected bending. The SAFAN E-Control can be coupled to the majority of off-line programming systems. The standard SAFAN E-Control 1 controls work with numerical input and bending parameters display, however the user receives immediate graphic support in many areas.

Web-based Communication and Support
The controls are set-up for web-based communication such as online diagnoses and loading software updates via the web. Machines can also be coupled to each other in a group and tooling databases can be shared. By monitoring and analyzing your operating data online, Safan will be in a position to optimize your production process from a distance in the near future.