22 Ton CNC Turret Punch Press

Motorotum 2044EZ

22 ton CNC Turret punch press

The Motorum- 2044EZ punch press offers energy-efficient operation and low running costs. In the Motorum-2044EZ, the ram servo motor consumes power only during the punching process, thus reducing running costs drastically.

The absence of a hydraulic unit on the Motorum-2044EZ punch press gets rid of hydraulic unit and oil maintenance, disposal of waste oil, and periodic oil replacement. This saves on hydraulic oil and maintenance costs, thus reducing running costs on the machine.

2044EZ Turret Punch Press Specs
Turret Punch Press Punching Capacity 20 ton [22 US ton]
Maximum sheet thickness 6.35 mm [0.25″]
Maximum sheet size without repositioning (Y x X) 1250 mm x 1250 mm
[49.21′ x 49.21′]
Hit Rate Punching 25 mm Pitch 220 HPM
Nibbling 1 mm Pitch 600 HPM
Punching accuracy +/- 0.1 mm
[+/- 0.004″]

Motorum 2048ST CNC Turret Punch Press

cnc turret punch press

The Motorum 2048ST continues the evolution of Muratec’s ram axis servo driven punch press. the ram drive has become simpler and more rigid, resulting in higher punch speeds and productivity. Highly efficient to run, the Motorum is designed to provide an economical solution to parts production requiring punching, forming, tapping and deburring.


  • Retractable forming tools eliminate forming die interference
  • Large table allows 8′ long sheets, 16′ sheets with one reposition
  • Quieter operation with controlled punching stroke and urethane transfer balls
  • Expand turret capacity with 12 station Varitools (each station up to 0.5″)
MOTORUM-2048ST Main Specifications
Punching capacity 20 Metric Ton [22 US Ton]
Maximum sheet thickness 6.35 mm [0.250″]
Maximum sheet size puncheable
without repositioning (Y x X)
1250 mm x 2500 mm
[49.21″ x 98.42″]
Hit rate Punching:25 mm [0.984″] pitch 285 HPM
Marking: 0.5 mm [0.020″] pitch 900 HPM
Punching accuracy +/- 0.1 mm [+/- 0.004″]
Turret Configuration 28 stations, including 4 auto index