Modern Machinery offers many different types of saws for different sawing applications including; band saws, aluminum miter, double miter and structural band saws.

Types of Saws We Offer

band saws
Marvel Band Saws are some of the most reliable, and efficient band saws in the industry. Our Marvel line of vertical saws ranges from the single cut universal Series 8 to the fully automatic programmable Touch Tech models with miter cutting up to 60 degrees.

Elumatec offers aluminum saws for high-volume cutting of aluminum. These saws are perfect for industrial applications such as; truck & trailer, boats, dock systems and buses.

miter saw for aluminum
Elumatec aluminum miter saws offer various pivot ranges and mitering capabilities, you are sure to find the saw you need.

double miter saw for aluminum
Elumatec offers double miter saws with a universal pivoting and tilting of both heads to allow for cutting of high and wide profiles.

structural band saws
Built specifically for structural steel fabricators and steel service centers, the Ocean Terminator structural band saw is designed to cut the largest and heaviest steel profiles, minimizing the time you wait before you can start processing and fabricating your steel. Quite simply the Ocean Terminator band saws will have a significant impact on the bottom line of your structural steel fabricating business.