Sheet Metal Shears from Accurshear

Accurshears are heavy, durable sheet metal shears with low rake angles, and fast cycle times. The Accurshear series includes the precision, ten gauge, six foot sheet metal shear, that cycles up to 40 full strokes a minute and a powerful quarter inch by 12 foot metal shear weighing 21,000 pounds capable of 20 full strokes per minute.

Standard Features of Accurshear Sheet Metal Shears

  • Unique Hydra-mechanical Rocker Arm Drive System
  • Ultra-heavy frame structure
  • Highest shearing rating capabilities
  • World-class bearings
  • Lowest fixed rake angle
  • Quality shearing blades

sheet metal shear

Unique Hydra-Mechanical Rocker Arm Drive System

This design, unique to the Accurshear, delivers the strength, power and rigidity of the guillotine system and produces the ease of blade clearance adjustment afforded by the swing beam design. The hydra-mechanical design utilizes two hydraulic cylinders, interconnected by a thick-walled torque tube, to provide the shearing force of the ram. Like the guillotine design, the Accurshear metal shear produces a cutting motion through the material that allows the use of 4-edged blades and a 1-degree relief angle.

Ultra-Heavy Frame Structure

The Accurshear sheet metal shear is designed with a fully welded boxed-in bed table structure that has a high torsion stiffness to balance the torsion load from the cutting force. The maximum rigidity of the unique design, combined with the massive table design, ensures constant blade clearance during the shearing cycle. Blade clearances as low as .002″ can be maintained through the entire cut, producing quality shearing on light gauge material. A machined table surface provides a generous, flat work area, and features finger wells to aid in lifting sheets.