Sheet Metal Shears

sheet metal shears

Sheet Metal Shears by Accurshear

Accurshear sheet metal shears are heavy, durable sheet metal shears with low rake angles, and fast cycle times. Accurshear metal shears include the precision, ten gauge, six foot shear, that cycles up to 40 full strokes a minute and a powerful quarter inch by 12 foot shear weighing 21,000 pounds capable of 20 full strokes per minute.

Accurshear sheet metal shears also offer a unique hydra-mechanical rocker arm drive system consisting of ultra-heavy frame structure, world class bearings, lowest fixed rake angle, and quality shearing blades. In addition the standard features include a 4-edge blade, a power-operated backgauge with pre-select position, a 4 foot squaring arm, a shadow light, adjustable stroke length, plus a variety of hand and foot controls.

Our sheet metal shears offer easy push button controls including; stroke control, stroke counter, and backgauge selects, all located on the front of the control. In addition, these shears have a safety hydraulic relief valve in the manifold which protects the shear against overload. Time saving features such as a squaring arm, manual quick blade adjustment, and a protractor for specific angle cuts are standard features on our shears.
The backgauge control is an easy to read LED readout with 99 pre-selected programmable positions. The operator simply enters the desired position, presses the “Go To” key and the back stop bar moves into position. You can also program the backgauge for single-step or sequential shearing.
We offer many options to make your sheet metal shears more productive including: Pneumatic sheet support, front support arms, longer squaring arms, squaring bar arms, protractor, extended backgauge travel, high speed hydraulics, powered blade clearance adjustment, ball transfers, t-slots in the table, independent holddown control and holddown pads.