Accurshear Conveyor/Stacker System

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Reduce Material Handling and Increase Operator Efficiency
It is estimated that material handling consumes up to 95% of a shear operator’s time. The Accurshear conveyor/stacker helps to eliminate much of this time by efficiently separating the trim cuts from the finished pieces, and then stacking them neatly at the rear of the machine. The payback time on this system is fast. Take a moment and consider some of the many benefits described below.

accurshear conveyor stacker system diagram

  1. Work Support Arms
    • Improves accuracy because the sheet is supported parallel
    • Eliminates the need to manually support light gauge sheets from behind the machine
    • Holding material level with the shear table enables accurate backgauge readings
    • The supports drop systematically with the shear cycle thus holding the material and reducing plate tear

  2. Conveyor
    • Provides safer working conditions for operators and helpers
    • Eliminates production slowdown due to fatigue
    • Reduces backgauge damage from cut material
  3. Trim Cut Separator
    • Separates edge trim from production blanks
    • Opens via the Accurveyor foot switch or front console button
  4. Stacker
    • Eliminates the need for a person behind the shear to do the stacking
    • Stacks the material neatly for removal by an overhead crane, fork truck or pallet jack
  5. Air Operated Tamper
    • Air operated tampers to facilitate the stacking of sheared pieces

If you would like more information on the Accurshear Conveyor Stacker system call us at 1-800-589-1444. View our complete line of Accurshear sheet metal shears and Cidan cut to length lines.