Peddinghaus Revolution Anglemaster AFCPS-833

peddinghaus revolution

The revolving punch press of the AFCPS-833 Revolution anglemaster offers new and ground breaking technology to the fabrication of angle, channel, and plate components. This simple yet innovative and technologically advanced design offers versatility, and efficiency that is second to none.

Providing the most accurate, productive, and profitable parts are essential to operation. Successful fabricators currently use the Peddinghaus Revolution Anglemaster AFCPS 833 to automate angle iron and flat stock processing with one machine that can deliver accurate, finished parts in seconds. Capable of using a one-pass method to punch up to three hole diameters, shear and mark angle iron up to 8″ x 8″, as well as plate and channel up to 12” sizes, the AFCPS 833 is essential to many modern fab shops.

Benefits of the Peddinghaus Revolution

  • Triple Tool Punch Press – The Peddinghaus Revolution uses an ultra efficient triple tool punch press to dramatically reduce manual tool change during production. Capable of accommodating three individual tools of different shapes and sized, the Revolution’s rotating punch press design allows for easy access allowing for simplified cleaning and maintenance.
  • Roller Feed Measurement – Roller feed measurement gives fabricators the competitive edge in efficiency and accuracy when processing critical detail components. The rugged drive rollers on the Revolution are fitted with performance encoders for exact measurements.
  • Powerful Shear – Shearing material up to 1″ in thickness are no issue with the Revolution. Clip angles, angle bracing, angle detail, plate detail, and base plates are processed with ease on this one of a kind industry innovation.

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Material Handling

Loading and unloading of long angle iron and flat stock sections, is very expensive and hard work. The Peddinghaus Revolution material handling system alleviates cost and labor associated with moving sections, with the use of a rapid, automated sequence process. Reduced labor and increasing shop efficiency will result in more profitable processing of angle iron.

Automatic Angle & Flat Stock Loader

Complete with appropriate material storage stands, each 12′ stand is equipped with a motorized roller chain assembly for automatic advancement of material. A pneumatic indexing assembly is mounted on the AFCPS, and is designed to gradually lower the next stock length into the infeed conveyor system.

Industry Applications for the Peddinghaus Revolution

  • Structural Steel Fabricators
  • Steel Service Centers & Steel Stocking Centers
  • Transmission Tower Manufacturers
  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturers
  • Agricultural Manufacturers
  • Rock/Stone/aggregate Handling Manufacturers
  • Stadium Seating & Bleacher Manufacturers
  • Barge and Ship Building Manufacturers
  • Conveyor and Grain Handling Equipment Mfg.
  • Any application where angle iron, channel iron, flat stock, and plate is processed