Peddinghaus FPD-1200 Plate Processor

Peddinghaus FPD-1200 Plate Processor
The Peddinghaus FPD-1120 processes plate up to 30″ wide and 1.25″ thick.

The Peddinghaus FPD-1200 plate processing machine can punch, drill, and scribe making it an ideal machine for common structural application including; base plates, slice plates, gusset plates, end plates, shear tabs moment connections, cap plates, bracing connections, tower connections and more.

Benefits of the Peddinghaus FPD-1200

  • Triple Tool Punching – Eliminates tool change time
  • Material Positioning System – Eliminates manual layout
  • Hydraulic Clamping System – Eliminates clamp interference
  • Part Marking System – Multiple sizes, shapes, and orientations including layout marking

FPD-1200 Specifications

  • Maximum Plate Thickness1-1/4″
  • Maximum Plate Width30″
  • Minimum Plate Thickness1/4″
  • Minimum Plate Width3″
  • Maximum Plate Length60″
  • Minimum Plate Length6″
  • Maximum Angle Thickness1″
  • Minimum Angle Thickness1/8″
  • Maximum Angle Leg Size8″
  • Minimum Angle Leg Size2-1/2″
  • Punch Capacity 120 tons
  • Maximum Punch Hole Size1-1/2″
  • Maximum Drill Hole Size1-9/16″