Tensol Sheet Metal “Long” Folder

tensol long sheet metal folder

Tensol Sheet Metal “Long” Folder
Fold and cut in a single machine. Up to 4mm steel and 5mm Aluminum.

The Tensol Origami sheet metal folder is designed for folding longer materials up to 14 meters in length, as well as, customized lengths for the occasional specific need. Take a look at some of the highlights of these machines.

tensol long sheet metal folder

1. Shears
This instrument cuts the sheet metal along the axis of the bending beam and changes dimension and typology according to the thickness of the sheet being processed. It slides along guides fixed to the bending beam, activated manually or with a hydraulic motor.

2. Bending Beam
The bending beam forms the fold by way of a rotation (folding angle) of 145o up against the line of junction of the two jaws (folding line), along the horizontal axis of the machine.

3. Segments
Capable of generating ”box profiles”, generally produced with the use of traditional presses or with dedicated machines. The segments are fitted to the upper jaw modified previously. They are recommended for the processing of sheet, steel up to 2 mm in thickness, and can be modified on request.

4. Controls
Developed specifically for the ORIGAMI folding machines, all the controls satisfy the most modern demands. They enable programming of the number and type of folds to be made, depending on the complexity of the profiles to be formed. The controls can be used to modify both the back gauge and radius. It is also possible to simulate the folds required to form the profiles.

Tensol long folders can be customized for just about any application. Call Modern Machinery, 1-800-589-1444 for more information.