The Economic Impact of AO|5 Point Setup

mazak hypergear laser cutting
AO|5 Point Setup
Mazak’s exclusive AO|5 Point Setup automates the setup process with optimized cutting parameters. It can significantly improve your productivity and cost of operation, especially with today’s focus on smaller batch sizes. AO|5 Point Setup is a core component of HyperLean™ strategies and is exclusively available on Mazak’s HyperGear and HyperTurbo series machines.

Automation Beyond Material Handling – Reducing Operator Dependency
Many laser manufacturers consider material handling as the only important form of automation for laser cutting machines. They use comprised settings when cutting varied materials to enable their machines to continue to operate with limited operator intervention. This significantly reduces the effectiveness of their machines. Mazak has developed leading edge technology that automatically sets up the machine, checks for wear on critical components and adjusts to optimize cutting parameters. AO|5 Point Setup significantly reduces part production cycles, especially for smaller batch sizes.

How Optimized Cutting Utilizing AO|5 Technology Lowers Your Cost of Operation and Improves Your Cash Position
The result of AO|5 Technology is typically a 25% or greater increase in throughput while significantly reducing operator intervention. Proper nozzle selection significantly reduces assist gas consumption.Below is an analysis of the potential impact to a full years laser production and the dramatic economic impact of AO|5.
mazak ao5 chart

Contact Modern Machinery (1-800-589-1444) for a detailed review of the entire model based on nested 5’x10’ sheets or to input your actual materials for an economic impact analysis specific for your company. No matter how easy a manual setup is – it is always operator skill dependent and never unattended.