Virtek 3D Laser Scan Inspection

virtek laser scan inspection
3D Laser Inspection
Virtek LaserQC is proud to introduce its latest non-contact technology.The Automatic Form Measurement System(AFM).

virtek Automatic Form Measurement System

3D Laser Accurate Measurements are Just a Click Away.

Now you can measure heights, raised features, edge-to-edge or hole-to-hole on interior flanges. The AFM system virtually allows you to measure any formed feature you can measure with calipers, height gauge or a digital protractor. Our new system virtually replaces hand measurement tools and makes 3D measurement as simple as the click of a mouse.

The new LaserQC AFM system still has all the functionality of the 2D system while accurately measuring heights and raised features with the speed and accuracy you’ve come to expect from Virtek’s 2D system. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can attain better, unbiased results, eliminating the need for clumsy hand tools and human error. This powerful new tool also has enhanced reporting and data collection, making the QC process painless and automatic for your staff and ending the QC bottleneck – right on the shop floor. With confidence, you can ensure that all required inspection occurs when you want it, with results that you can rely on.

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