Waterjet Cutting Machines

Why Choose a Waterjet Cutting Machine?

Our waterjet cutting machines are the most versatile fabrication process you can add to your company. Waterjet not only cuts metal up to 8 inches thick, it will also cut plastics, gasket material, foam, paper, food, ballistic material and much more.

Flow waterjet cutting machines can cut from 1/16″ up to 8 inches thick. The waterjet machine cuts with a narrow kerf allowing parts to be tightly nested, or common line cut. This allows you to use less material to make the same parts. You can stack material too. Allowing you to produce more parts in about the same amount of time. Cutting with a waterjet also eliminates secondary processes from your fabrication because the waterjet leaves little to no burr on the parts. This makes your production and delivery times faster.

Flow offers two different style of waterjet pumps a direct drive and a intensifier model and are some of the best waterjet pumps in the industry. Flow waterjet pumps are rated as high as 94k psi. With water pressure this high you can cut faster, producing more parts in less time.

waterjet cutting machines

Flow Waterjet Cutting Machines

Flow waterjet cutting machines are the world’s most versatile machine tools. Waterjet cutting machines can cut virtually any shape in a single step with edge quality that usually requires no secondary finishing. Waterjet machines are the most productive solution for cutting a wide range of materials from 1/16 inch to over 8 inches thick.

flow dynamic waterjet cutting machines

Dynamic Waterjet Cutting Machines

A Breakthrough Waterjet Cutting Process
Flow Dynamic Waterjet with Active Tolerance Control produces more accurate parts at significantly higher cutting speeds than parts cut with a conventional waterjet.

Benefits of Flow Waterjet Cutting Machines

No Other Tool Cuts or Machines a Greater Variety of Materials

From glass to stones to composites and metals, nothing cuts and machines a greater variety of materials than an abrasive waterjet. Their versatility is unmatched.

waterjet cutting metalSetup and Fixturing Is Complete In Just Minutes

Because side forces are virtually non-existent when cutting with Flow abrasive waterjet cutting machines, the time required for setup and fixturing is minimal. So, you can move quickly from job to job — cut 1/2 inch aluminum in the morning, 2 inch glass in the afternoon, and 6 inch stainless steel in the evening.

Different Jobs Don’t Require Different Tooling

Abrasive waterjet cutting is accomplished by software-controlled, robotic motion systems — not hard tooling — so there are no costly, time-consuming tool changes required to accommodate an infinite variety of shape cutting.

Cut with Multiple Heads and Increase Productivity

The cool-cutting process of Flow abrasive waterjet cutting machines enables you to increase throughput by stacking raw material and cutting multiple parts in a single pass. Running multiple cutting heads simultaneously further increases productivity.

Edge Quality Eliminates Costly Secondary Finishing

From steel to composites, cut net and near-net parts. Abrasive waterjet cutting machines cut with erosion, rather than shearing or heat, so they produce exceptional edge quality without inducing heat-affected zones or mechanical stresses. Raw materials maintain their structural integrity; deburring and other secondary finishing are usually not required.

You’ll Enjoy Raw Material Savings

Because abrasive waterjet cutting machines cut with a narrow kerf and produce no heat, you can tightly nest parts to get the most from raw material.

Compliments Existing Technology

Today, there is a trend by many job shops to add waterjet cutting machines to their operations as a complement to other cutting technologies such as EDM, laser, milling, and plasma. While each shop has its own requirements for cutting projects, most are finding waterjets to be a tremendous asset to their operations — enhancing both productivity and profitability.