Flow Mach 4 Waterjet Cutting Machines

flow mach 4 waterjet

Flow’s Mach 4 Series is the forefront of waterjet technology with the most advanced capabilties offered in the waterjet industry.

Benefits of the Flow Mach 4

  • Dynamic Waterjet® XD – for faster more accurate bevel and 3D cutting
  • HyperPressure™ Technology allows you to cut faster, lower your costs, and increase production
  • Rigid construction for structural integrity

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Flow Mach 4 Waterjet

Not all cutting needs are the same. Not all production requirements are identical. Not all waterjets are created equal. Flow would like to introduce you to the collection of waterjet machines that surpasses the rest — The Mach 4 Series from Flow.

Waterjets are the most versatile machine process in the world. Why? Because you can cut virtually any shape, any material, with no secondary processing required. At Flow we have consistently developed all of the revolutionary technological advancements in the waterjet industry, and our Mach 4 Series waterjets are equipped with the best of the best technology.

Flow’s  Mach 4 Series includes the exclusive HyperPressure Technology, allowing you to cut faster, lower your costs, and increase production. And, our Advanced Dynamic waterjet technology allows you to produce the most accurate parts faster.

When it comes to waterjets, nothing compares to the Mach 4 Series.


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Advanced Dynamic Waterjet XD Technology

The Ultimate Waterjet is Ready to Meet any Challenge
The Mach 4 Series waterjet cutting systems feature Flow’s newest Dynamic waterjet technology with Advanced Beveling and 3D capabilities. Flow’s Revolutionary Dynamic Waterjet XD provides for up to 60 degrees of motion that gives you the ultimate in accuracy, speed, and flexibility. No other system in the world compares. Use the ultimate waterjet advancement to virtually cut any part faster, better and cheaper.
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Cut Faster with the Highest Pump Pressure Available

94,000 psi HyperPressure Technology
With the highest pressure available in the waterjet industry, the Mach 4 Series waterjet is equipped to outperform the competition with ease. Our HyperJet pumps are rated for pressure up to 94,000 psi! You will cut 30-50% faster, use 30-50% less abrasive, all with 20-30% lower part cost. It’s the ultimate system/pump combination available. If you are looking for the best waterjet pump, with the field proven technology to back it up, this is it!

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flow mach 4 waterjet

FLOWXPERT – Advanced Waterjet Cutting Software Made Easy

FlowXpert features the ultimate in advanced technology to maximize your productivity while minimizing your time. Start out by drawing a part with our easy-to-use Xpert Design software, or simply import a part from virtually any standard CAD 2D or 3D format. Once your geometry is chosen, FlowXpert applies Flow’s exclusive SmartStream technology to optimize cutting speeds based on a variety of user- input parameters such as desired edge finish, material thickness, and material type. Using our unmatched experience as the inventors of abrasive waterjet, we have created the most extensive material library in the industry, featuring well over 100 lab-tested materials. FlowPro featuring SmartStream technology understands precisely how your material and its thickness will effect stream behavior and takes all the guesswork out of making a perfect part…the first time.

Included with FlowXpert is FlowConnex, Flow’s revolutionary remote waterjet monitoring system. Monitor your waterjet productivity, analyze data, and receive alerts to avoid system shutdowns anywhere, including mobile devices! Now you can be the most productive shop around, and monitor your progress where ever you choose!