Welding Equipment

Along with OTC Daihen, Modern Machinery provides a variety of welding equipment to meet our customer’s needs. Together we offer automated welding and manual welding solutions including; robotic welding, welding power supplies,welding cell automation, and welding positioners. Our welding equipment is the best in the business.

Robotic Welding Arms and Material Handling

welding Arm

We offer robotic welding arms from OTC Daihen that can be used for both arc welding and plasma cutting functions.

Features of OTC Daihen Robotic Welding Arms

  • Constant Wire Feeding – The built-in OTC coaxial cable helps keep constant wire feeding as well as improves welding quality.
  • Easy Maintenance – The structure of the upper arm allows for quick and easy replacement of the coaxial power cable.
  • Improved Access – Minimize the interference between the coaxial power cable and fixture for even the most complicated works.

Worker Automation Welding Cells

Partnered with Worker Automation and OTC Daihen, Modern Machinery can supply you with a robotic welding cell to fit your needs. We offer standard cells, as well as, custom designed robotic welding cells for your products.

AX-C Robotic Welding Controller

Robotic welding controller

OTC DAIHEN’s AX-C robotic welding controller is the leader in cutting edge technology. This Windows NT-based controller contains many advanced functions not found elsewhere, such as a four-panel monitor for close data observations. The user-friendly teaching pendant is also very easy to use, reducing teaching time.

Welding Power Supplies

robotic welding power supplies

OTC Daihen provides the highest quality of welding power supplies to support their welding equipment. OTC Daihen goes above and beyond the competition by including features not found anywhere else – all of which benefit you. From their pulse wave form welding to their short arc welding and air plasma cutting, OTC Daihen has all the welding materials you need in order to crush your competition.