Robotic Welding Cell the ePRO

Adding a robotic welding cell to your fabrication process will produce more parts with better consistency than your current method. Look at what our welding cells offer;

ePRO welding cell

6 Month Payback

The ePro cell makes owning a robotic welding cell affordable. With it’s production capabilities, in as little as 6 months you can experience full payback on your investment.

A Complete Welding Cell

No missing pieces or parts. Our ePro welding cell comes with everything you need to start welding robotically including the AX-V6 robot and a DM-350 power supply. Applications assistance is also available.

MINIMUM 2 to 1 Production

And that is being conservative. Some robot owners experience as much as 3-4 times the part output. With the added capacity you can compete for the larger jobs. Not only that, but by increasing your output you will ship parts quicker, which means you get paid quicker.

Up To 50% SAVINGS On Gas And Wire

With a robotic welding unit you will constantly use only the amount of gas and wire that is needed to weld the part. No more, no less. In most cases this can save you up to 50% of your consumables cost.

Eliminate Workman’s Compensation

By adding a robotic welder you can eliminate workmans compensation costs on the machine the robot is tending.
Want to know more? Request a weld cost analysis of your current method versus a robotic welding cell by calling 1-800-598-1444.

Robotic Welding Testimonials

Brinly Hardy uses a robotic welding cell to increase productivity and profit.

Metal Werks uses a stand alone robotic welding arm to increase productivity.

Kevin Koenig, President of Advanced Cutting Systems talks about the production advantages of a robotic welding cell.

More Robotic Welding Cells

Modern Machinery offers a variety of welding equipment including 9 different robotic welding cells all in different sizes and configurations.

  • Dual Stationary Tables
  • Electric Turntables
  • Dual(Two) Headstocks & Tailstocks Cells
  • Three Axes Positioner Cells
  • Ferris Wheel Positioner Cells
  • Five Axes-Tilt & Rotate Positioner Cells
  • Five Axes-Rotating HS’s Positioner Cells
  • Tilt & Rotate Positioner Cells