Accurshear – Time Saving Features

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Accurshear offers several time saving features on the Accurshear line of sheet metal shears including a squaring arm, manual blade adjustment, and a protractor for specific angle cuts.

accurshear squarearm
Squaring Arm
Assists Accurate Cutting
Located on the left end of the table is the 4′ squaring arm with a steel rule measuring in 1/16″ as well as 1mm increments.

The squaring arm has a fine adjustment for squareness to the blade, which can be locked to regain the position if the arm is temporarily removed for slitting. An adjustable sliding stop is mounted on the squaring arm for front gauging short lengths.

accurshear blade adjustment lever
Manual Quick Blade Adjustment
Blade clearance adjustment is an excellent and necessary feature to obtain high shearing quality. Blade clearance is adjusted manually on Accurshear models 62506 through 650012 by a hand lever on the side of the machine, which is easily rotated for the appropriate gauge of metal.

The 6135 series model has a fixed blade setting, while the 650014 and larger models have a powered system operated by a dial from the front console.

Powered blade clearance adjustment is optional on the 62506 through 650012 models.

accurshear protractor
Protractor Allows Specific Angle Cuts
The protractor simply bolts to the face of the table and can be positioned anywhere along its length. This versatility greatly assists in accurately cutting specific angles. It also serves as a mobile squaring arm… extending blade life by using full blade length for narrow stock shearing. The protractor is optional on all models.