Motorum 2558 Hybrid Laser Punch Combination Machine

hybrid punch plasma
The Motorum 2558 Hybrid combines the best of punching and forming with the flexibility of laser cutting. The 2558 Hybrid uses advanced technology incorporating a high performance CNC control and laser oscillator. This system provides a high quality edge cut using many advanced functions such as a cutting monitor, user friendly laser cutting head with crash protection function, non-contact height sensor and laser power control function for complicated edge cutting.

HYBRID Series Benefits

  • Process integration of laser cutting and punching with forming and tapping (option) is possible in one machine.
  • Increased productivity
  • Better product quality due to multiple processing with a single workpiece clamping
  • Greater manufacturing flexibility
  • Shorter lead times and lower running cost
  • Reduced number of machines and in-process inventory
Main Specifications
Punching capacity
25 ton (27 US ton)
Maximum sheet thickness
6.35mm (0.25″)
Maximum sheet
size puncheable
without repositioning (Y x X)
1525mm x 2500mm (60.04″ x 98.43″)
Laser capacity

2000 W/ 4000 W