Euromac Punching Machine Automation

euromac load unload system

With its unique, compact, rugged design, the Euromac automatic loading/ unloading system, is available on all punching machine models (except the BX) and can be shipped fully assembled: installation at the customer’s site is quick and easy and the system is ready to go into production within just a few hours.

Loading and Unloading Capacity
Easy loading of material for machining and unloading of finished parts generates much higher productivity for you.

Machining Capability
As for all Euromac products, flexibility is key: just one machine can process a vast assortment of sizes. All sizes between the stated minimum and maximum dimensions can be processed.

Max. sheet size (mm) 3000 x 1500
Min. sheet size (mm) 500 x 200
Thickness (mm) 0.5-6 Sheet weight (kg) up to 200

Double sheet loading avoidance
Magnetic blocks Yes
Shaker system Yes
Air blow Yes
Automatic sheet thickness measuring system Yes
Separator brushes for non-magnetic materials Yes

Productivity depends not only on the machine’s throughput capacity but also on a host of other factors: system programming and operation can often be critical, but not with Euromac! The single console makes programming and operation of the machine and automatic loading and unloading system fast and simple.

Low Space Requirements
Example: an STX 1250/30-2500 combined with the automatic loading/unloading system occupies just L 6270 mm x D 5030 mm.