Fully Automatic CNC Beam Drill Line

ocean avenger cnc beam drill line
Stop Manually Drilling Holes!
The Ocean Avenger is an automated beam drill line capable of processing the thickest jumbo columns, heaviest beams and thickest base plates faster. When you automate your processes using with the Ocean Avenger you will lower your labor costs, eliminate secondary processes and increase capabilities.

The Ocean Avenger beam drill line, built here in the USA by Peddinghaus, is an outstandingly durable beam line designed specifically for the demanding small to medium fabricator. Take a look at what the Ocean Avenger has to offer;

Reduced Footprint
The Ocean Avenger Beam Drill Line is an extremely space efficient beam processing solution for small to medium fabricators. The standard beam line is 60ft long by 11ft wide, and takes up no more space than regular mag drilling. It will completely eliminate your layout and mag drill trestles, freeing up vital factory floor space.

Exceptional Versatility
This amazing Beam Drill Line can process steel sections of any thickness and makes quick work of jumbo beams, ensuring the fabricator can tackle the widest variety of projects. This allows the small fabricator to take on jobs that he would normally have had to turn down.

The beam drill line processes:

  • beams
  • angle
  • channel
  • base plates
  • square and rectangular tube
  • round tube and pipe

What really sets this machine apart is the cost. It costs one half the price of a regular beam line. Want to see the numbers for yourself? Call us at 1-800-598-1444 and ask us for a beam drill line cost justification. You will be amazed at the money you could be earning with the Ocean beam drill line.

Learn more about the Ocean Avenger beam drill line and all the benefits it can bring to your beam drill line fabrication.