Global Control S for EdgeMax, EdgeMaster, and EdgeMate Cutting Machines

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The Global Control S provides a broad range of options, productivity, and ease of use for Messer plasma machines. The Global Control S is the new graphical interface for the EdgeMax, EdgeMate, and EdgeMaster. Some of the familiar features of the Global Control S include nesting, remnant tracking, consumable selection, auto gas setup, and a parts database.

messer mg global control S

Features & Benefits of the Global Control S

  • Embedded process database makes every operator an expert
  • Modern operating interface based on Microsoft® .NET technology provides flexibility for future development
  • Fully Network and Internet compatible; makes remote diagnosis possible
  • Central CNC computer with integrated PLC for fast operation with fewer components
  • Ethernet-based I/O bus system eliminates noise interference and reduces cabling for high reliability
  • Logically arranged status display increases operator productivity
  • Familiar screen layout allows user to operate control with minimum instruction
  • Standard shapes and nesting included
  • Compact design for applications on small machines
  • Developed from the proven technology of the Global Control Plus

For more information on our plasma cutting machines or to schedule a demonstration of our Global Control S call Modern Machinery at 1-800-589-1444.