Industrial Automation – Robotic Material Handling

industrial automation robotic material handling
Industrial Automation
The advantages of industrial automation in the workplace are numerous. Industrial robotic automation can often increase press brake use by up to 35% and can sometimes double or even triple your profit. In addition, other advantages of industrial robotic automation include; less defects, less downtime, and less manpower. At Modern Machinery we offer several solutions for robotic automation in the workplace including; welding robots, welding cells, and material handling robots.

[flashvideo file=/videos/robotonbrake_new.flv /] What are the Advantages of Industrial Automation?

  • Improve Quality of Product
  • Decrease Waste & Rework scrap
  • Consistently run at same speed with no breaks, shift changes or rehires
  • Higher throughput with maximum flexibility
  • Improved process flow due to predictability of cycle times
  • Supplement Shrinking Workforce – Welding Fact 37% decrease next 3 years
  • Manufacture a Difficult Product
  • Safety

The Reality of Industrial Robotic Automation

  • Changeover’s and small lots become minor concerns when considering the
    press brake efficiency increase by 35% or greater with robotics
  • The robot is re-deployable over its (20) year life span with limitation of
    payload and reach
  • Press tending allows for unmanned production because parts are easy to
    queue up and are stackable
  • The gain in profit per hour as a result of running through lunch, breaks, and
    even an extra hour a day can be very good toward increasing profit per hour

3 YR ROI or Better

  • A single shift of production even with several setups
    daily can still yield a 3 yr return which is 25% ROI
  • Multiple shift obviously yields superior ROI and can
    exceed 2 and 1 year payback periods
  • Breaking down a capital investment to what the
    equipment costs per hour shows that it’s about the same
    as an operator ( $ 12-17/hr. ) with benefits, misc.
    costs, and labor wages for a simple work cell on a single shift basis