New Ocean Terminator Features

ocean miter saw
Built specifically for structural steel fabricators and steel service centers, the Ocean Terminator band saws are designed to cut the largest and heaviest steel profiles, minimizing the time you wait before you can start processing and fabricating your steel. Have a look at the most recent improvements to an already great structural steel band saw.

Miter Angle Go-To

This feature automatically positions the machine exactly to a desired miter angle. The operator simply enters the angle value, presses a key on the control and the saw positions the blade within 0.01° accuracy. No longer does the operator have to continuously depress a button in order for the head to swing. This also ensures a more accurate miter angle since the operator is no longer relied on to position the saw.

Rapid Approach

This allows the head frame to descend at a rapid rate. The machine senses the close proximity of the blade to the profile at which point it switches from rapid descent to the cut feed-rate governed by the setting of the feed-rate valve. The machine continues to feed the blade at the cut feed-rate until the cut is complete. This feature reduces cycle time as well as potential for accidental blade crashing into the work by manual fast approach activation.
Head Up & Down Limit Setting; This allows the operator to remotely set the bottom-most and top-most head travel limit anywhere along the total travel distance directly from the operator panel. No longer does the operator have to manually adjust limit switches.

Semi-Automatic Cycle

This allows the saw to operate in hands-off mode by automatically initiating certain functions. In the semi-auto mode the saw has the ability to automatically position the head to two preset angle values. The saw alternates between these two head position values as well as automatically closes and opens vises, stops the blade and raises the head after each cut. This feature contributes to an increase in efficiency by allowing the operator to perform other tasks while the machine executes many function which in the past required full operator participation. This is perfect for hip and valley rafters that require opposite miters at each end of the beam.
ocean terminator new control

New Control Offers Several New Features

  • Digital angle read out
  • Digital blade speed read out
  • Blade, vertical position read out
  • Digital feed rate read out
  • Blade motor amperage draw
  • Blade motor run-time display
  • Piece counter
  • English, Spanish, French, German & Polish language

Greener & Energy Efficient

During these times of high energy cost, Ocean has implemented new controls and power drives on the Terminator band saw that are substantially more energy efficient. This new innovation reduces operating cost and saves the environment.
The new Terminator is equipped with controls that power down the hydraulic drive and all other non-essential power consuming systems after an idle period. This hibernation mode puts the saw to sleep, ready to come to life on demand when the operator engages a function. The new greener Terminator is also equipped with VFD blade motor drive that is 95% efficient, high efficiency gear motor, and low friction linear bearings. All of these features have been engineered to obtain the highest energy efficiency possible, reducing operating cost and helping the environment.