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Mazak’s Smart System Software
Mazak Smart System is the PC based 2D CAD/CAM system that enables you to eliminate manual, non-productive steps in sheet metal processing and go to actual production quicker than ever before. It allows you to create accurate drawings while at the same time preparing the geometry for processing—no matter what your experience level is.

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Get the Competitive Edge by Using Time More Efficiently
If all processes in sheet metal fabrications are closely analyzed, you will see that the time required for actual fabrication is quite small when compared to the total time from component design to cutting. The largest part of the time is spent in cutting preparation. The component parts of the machine tool door as shown to the right only require about 20 minutes for processing. In contrast, the preparatory steps – designing the door, breaking down the product into components, drawing the components, rendering the unfolded drawing, entering data into a CAM system, nesting all parts in a worksheet, and conversion into NC data – take 7 hours 30 minutes. Further more, all of these operations require skilled operator plus manager(s) with considerable experience in this field. As a result, the actual production is determined by the total time that skilled operators spent on theses tasks, not the capacity of production equipment machinery.

The keys to success in sheet metal fabrication are the reduction of preparation time to shorten lead time, and the installation of equipment that allows inexperienced operators to perform the same level of work that conventionally only skilled employees are capable. Mazak is introducing the Mazak Smart System – the world’s first CAD/CAM system integrating a sheet metal fabrication CAM system with a CAD system – to provide solutions to the problems currently being faced in fabrication operations.

Smart System Functions:

  • 2D CAD function
  • 2D IGES input/output
  • 2D DXF input/output
  • 2D laser processing
  • 3D sheet metal modeling
  • Nesting
  • Program simulation
  • 3D SAT input

2D and 3D CAD
The powerful 2D cad system incorporates compatibility with IGES, DXF, and DWG formats. 2D unfolding, 2D parametric function, and macro function are just some of the powerful utilities built into the system. The 3D cad system includes functions such as solid modeling from 3D-view drawing, 3D parametric, and 3D data import.

CAM System
Random nesting, optimized nesting, and sort nesting are just three of the nesting functions available to you. You can save the conditions of lead-ins and micro-joints in the Technique Database. The Auto-processing function lets you select processes such as corner looping, etching, piercing, and other common processes automatically.

Network Integration and FMS

You can expand your network as needed easily as the system is pc based. You can download an NC program from the SMART SYSTEM directly to a machine. To be totally responsive to today’s market, you can combine several Mazak laser machines with a SMART SYSTEM to create a Flexible Manufacturing System.

Mazak Smart System Jr.
The PC-based CAD/CAM system with all the features of the full Mazak Smart System with the exception of the 3D features. Only the 2D features are utilized in Mazak Smart System Jr.

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