Peddinghaus Band Saws

peddinghaus band saws 1270 series

1270 Miter Series Peddinghaus Band Saw

The Patented Design of the 1270 Miter Series Peddinghaus band saws deliver high speed sawing to all structural shapes and profiles up to 30 degrees right and left miters. The robust design provides fast sawing times, accurate miter cutting, and minimal scrap with a unique “pivot from above” frame. The 1270 Miter Series Saw is the proven productivity leader in the industry, ideally suited for high tonnage and productive work shops – the perfect companion to the Peddinghaus BDL 1250 drill line.

  • 14.5 kW / 20 HP motor
  • 1270 x 610 mm /
  • 50 x 24 inch capacity
  • Saw all structural shapes, including right and left miters
peddinghaus band saws 1100 series

Peddinghaus Band Saws 1100 Miter Series

The 1100 Miter Series Peddinghaus band saws deliver fast, accurate miter cutting to structural shapes and profiles from 90 degree cutting up to 30 degrees right and left. The 1100 Miter Series saw employs Speed Sawing technology that guarantees rapid sawing – with no operator intervention – and no flood coolant residue to impede production.

  • 7.3kW / 10.2 HP motor
  • 1100 x 508 mm /44 x 20 inch capacity
  • Weight Limit 8165 kg / 18,000 lbs
  • 90 degree cutting
  • 30 degrees right and left
peddinghaus band saw 1250-50 series

1250-510 Series Peddinghaus Band Saws

The Peddinghaus 1250 Straight Cut Series saw is the industry benchmark for Speed Sawing of up to 50″. Designed for speed but built with strength in mind, the 1250-510 is truly a whole new generation of Peddinghaus band saws.

  • Cutting Range at 90 Degree 50″ W x 20″ H
  • Round 20″ H
  • Plate 49″ W x 6″ H
  • Drive Motor 20 HP
  • Saw Blade 385.8″ x 2 5/8″ x .06″
peddinghaus band saw dg 1250 series

DG 1250 Series Peddinghaus Band Saws

The all new DG1250 band saw is designed to offer unmatched mitering capability and high speed cutting versatility to the modern steel fabricator. Further eliminating the band saw bottleneck, the DG1250 band saw utilizes a robust 20 HP blade motor, advanced material frictionless support system, and rugged Peddicat blade with minimum quantity lubrication system..

  • Cutting Range at 90 Degree 49” W x 20” H
  • Cutting Range at 45 Degree R/L 31.5” W x 20” H
  • Cutting Range at 30 Degree R/L 21.5” W x 20” H
  • Round at 90 Degree 24″ W
  • Round at 45 Degree 22″ W