Tapping Unit for Mazak FabriGear

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Complete Fusion from 3D Laser Cutting to Tapping

The FabriGear series of cutting lasers – specifically designed for efficient, single-setup processing of both long- and short-tube, pipe, and structural components – now can be ordered with a tapping tool system, further enhancing its capabilities.

Complete Parts, One Operation
In addition to automatic loading and unloading, the machine can be ordered with a tapping unit for completing parts in one operation. Tapping can be performed on a variety of material shapes including round, square, rectangular, triangular pipes as well as C, L, H and I beams, further reducing non-value added time. The tapping unit can hold six different taps ranging in size from No5 to ½” and metric sizes M3 to M12. The drive system utilizes a servo motor for tap rotation and z-axis travel or true ‘rigid” tapping characteristics. Additional standard features include automatic tap breakage detection, an automatic tap paste applicator and air blast for removal of dust and chips that could accumulate on the tap.

The multi-axis, automated rotary FabriGear laser can cut tube, pipe and structural shapes with all the contours and bevels needed for tight fits. The same holds true on a wide variety of pipe joints and additional intersecting or adjoining pipes. These include round pipe, square pipe, U channel, I beam, C channel and L channel shapes. To achieve these complex 3D shapes, the FabriGear’s 64-bit CNC simultaneously controls a 5-axis laser, and four programmable rotary chucks. The tight dimensional accuracies that result from laser cutting can greatly eliminate time and costs in such downstream operations as fitting, welding and weld prep.

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