Turret Punching Made EZ with the Motorum 2044EZ

motorum 2044ez
Motorum 2044EZ – EZ to Set Up,EZ to Maintain, EZ on your Budget
Murata Machinery’s Motorum 2044EZ allows you to bring the latest technology into your fabrication environment at an economical cost. Whether you are buying your first punch press or trading your old Centrum, you can take advantage of the benefits the M2044EZ provides.

motorum 2044ez
The “EZ” uses 112/114 Push-Pull style tooling that has been an industry standard since the original turret punch press was developed. The flexible 18 or 22 station turrets allow existing punches and dies to be used or investment in the most economical tooling available.

Ram Axis Servo Drive
Quickly becoming the industry standard, the Ram Axis Servo Drive was developed by Murata over 15 years ago. It has proven itself to be a highly reliable, low maintenance, cost effective solution to the older mechanical and hydraulic drives.

Fanuc Control
Murata continues its close relationship with Fanuc in developing proven control systems for our turrets. The 18iPB control contains the latest features. Operator controls continue to improve and diagnostic tools allow us to more quickly analyze machine problems and keep your machine running.

Latest Technology
Although this punch press excels at punching holes, opportunities await for adding more value to your parts at a single machine. Wheel tool type operations allow ribbing, offsets and flanges to be rolled into your parts. Large contours can be cut with a shearing type wheel as well as part separation by shearing it or scoring the edge with a pincher type wheel. Parts can be marked with an etching tool, edges deburred, or holes and extrusions tapped.

All this is available in a machine that is EZ to setup, EZ to maintain, and EZ on your budget for years to come. Contact your dealer for special EZ pricing now available for a limited time.

By Don Angel, Applications Engineer