Virtek Laser QC Case Study

virtek laser inspection machine
Case Study – Crown
Speed of inspection eliminates quality control backlog at Crown

Crown Corporation is a world leader in the manufacture of heavy-duty electric lift trucks. When the equipment at one of their re-located plants was upgraded to laser cutting machinery from more traditional flame and plasma systems, a quality control backlog was created. The estimated time to complete all the necessary inspections was several months. A new system was desperately needed.
virtek laser inspection machine
Mr. Stucky, Gauge and Calibration Manager, first saw the LaserQC at a nearby trade show and was intrigued enough to visit a local distributor with several members of his quality control team. After numerous visits to test the LaserQC, the decision was made based on the incredible time constraints they were under – the LaserQC could scan complex parts in just ten minutes compared to 45 minutes that would be required using a CMM. With the LaserQC designed to withstand the rigors of a manufacturing environment, Crown was able to locate the system right in the middle of the production area.

The quality control backlog was eliminated in a few weeks. Crown estimates that although they are working with a two year payback schedule, the system will likely pay for itself within a year. “It’ll pay for itself just in terms of parts inspection time savings,” says Mr. Stucky. “That doesn’t even include the reduced downtime for production machinery while waiting for a quality control check.”