Waterjets Play a Key Role in Producing Custom Gaskets

Cost savings among many benefits cited by Flatout Group in producing gaskets quickly.

Flatout Group, Mundelein, Ill., produces gaskets for a variety of applications, serving many industries. Gasket materials available from Flatout Gaskets include engineered soft gaskets, rubber sheet gaskets, steel core laminated gaskets, graphite on perforated steel core, molded rubber and embossed steel, aluminum and copper.
waterjet cutting gasket material

Gasket applications range from machine/specialty engine gaskets to performance and racing gaskets. One of Flatout’s primary functions is providing custom gaskets for not only racing, but also the car restoration markets.

Using waterjet cutting technology from Flow International Corporation plays a crucial role in getting the job done quickly and cost effectively.

Flatout also supports many other industries including: light and heavy duty engine manufacturers, transmission makers, food producers, machine builders and appliance makers.

Flatout also uses their Flow waterjet for industrial metal fabrication, accurately cutting all different types of metals.

“We do a lot of custom gaskets for racing in which a lot of things have to be changed on the fly,” said Mark Adelizzi, president of Flatout Group. “It’s very easy to make these changes using the Flow waterjet because we can quickly and easily make changes without having to make new stamping dies.”

Waterjet Provides Numerous Benefits
Adelizzi says they’ve used waterjet cutting technology since the company’s inception in 2000. Today, the company utilizes a Mach 3 (6 x 12 IFB) from Flow International, of which Adelizzi says provides numerous benefits.

“The ease and flexibility of the waterjet gives us tremendous cost savings in not having to do hard tooling,” said Adelizzi. “For example, producing an automotive head gasket previously required creating a stamp and punch pressing to produce the part. Tooling cost alone on that would be about $15,000. Using the waterjet, we can simply cut the gasket out of the material, saving us thousands of dollars.”

Competitive Advantage
Adelizzi feels the waterjet gives Flatout Group a competitive advantage in their market. “Since we had the Flow waterjet since our inception, we got a head start in our market creating a quality product.”

Overall, Adelizzi is very pleased with the waterjet. “We’re really happy with our Flow waterjet. Downtime is very low. Pump and seal life are significant and we receive quick turnaround when we do need to order parts. It’s a great tool that works very well for the types of products we manufacture.”