Why Buy a Turret Press?


It may seem like an outdated style of manufacturing, but turret punches still offer value to the right application.

  • Compliments Your Laser - Sure lasers are great for contours and angles, but what about forming?
  • Cost Effective - You can punch and form with one machine eliminating some secondary processes
  • Low Cost/Low Risk - A turret is about half the cost of an entry level laser, making it a perfect fit for smaller fabricators.

If you would like to add capacity, lower your risk, and eliminate some secondary processes you should consider a turret. 


Watch it in Action

Automation Options Available

We offer automation options for your punch press also. We can offer a simple load/unload or in addition to the load /unload automation we can add a robotic sorting system. 

Load/Unload System


Load/Unload System with Sorting Cell